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Arrivals 1858

Please note: These arrivals are merchant ships, included to give a sense of the volume and type of goods into early San Francisco. If you had the money in San Francisco of the 1800s, you could have anything your heart desired. They are by no means complete, and they generally do not include passengers. Click here for lists of passengers.

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Daly Alta California, February 8, 1858


The bark Fanny Major, Capt. Paty, arrived in port yesterday afternoon, with dates from Honolulu to the 21st January, four weeks later than prevous advices.

ELECTION.--The election for members of the Legislature wsa held throughout the Islands on the 4th ult. The ollowing are the names of members elect: James L. Dowsett, Paul F. Manini, John Hammond, IsaacKahai, Kaakua, Paul F. Manini, Kalanipoo, G.P. Judd, Wm. Humpghreys, R.S. Hollister, J.E. Chamberlain, James W. Austin, Z.P. Kaumaea, M. Kenui, John Richardson, C. Kaini, Kapihe, E.M. Kamaipelekane, Kiolea, G.P. Judd, John S. Low, S. Kpip, D.H. Hitchcock, Lainaholo, S. Laanai, Henry L. Sheldon. Total, as far as heard from--Independent, 13; Ministerial, 6; doubtful, 7.


HONOLULU--Per Fanny Major--A.T. Lawton and lady, Miss J.E. Robinson, T.B. Henley, J.T. Withers, W. Mitchell, J. Rivett, S. Below, D.Y. Dyers, G.B. Shurman (spelling?), J.M. Burbank, Jacob Fox and son, Mrs. L. Bray and child. G. Hoberman, H. Berkenbush, F. Sweezey and lady, H.L. Johns, R. Schinbam, Isaac Lent, H. Mann, F. Windsor, Jas Brown, Geo. Johnson, P. Neuman, F. Lindhork, F.W. Young, Geo. Hward, Wm. Ryan, Chopples, F. Smith and 2 Chinamen.

SYDNEY--Per Jaue and Catherine--Mr. Wheeler and lady and 8 in steerage.

Daily Alta California, February 8, 1858

Ocean Steamships.

Daly Alta California, February 8, 1858

Vessels on the Way From 
Eastern Domestic Ports to San Francisco

Enroute to San Francisco 1858.

Daily Alta California, February 23, 1858


Per Columbia— Left San Francisco Feb. 6th, at 10:30 A. M.; arrived off Humboldt Feb. 7th, at 8 P. M; left there Feb. 9th at 8 A M.,, having been detained 36 hours; made all way ports, off Point Grincell met very strong northwest winds, which lasted 24 hours, with violent hail and rain squalls; entered the mount of the straits Feb 12th, at 8 P.M.; in the straits encountered very severe snow storm from the northeast, the snow lying a foot deep on the deck. Arrived at Olympia Saturday, February 13th, at 9 P.M.; weather in the straits intensely cold, theremometer being at no time at midday above twenty-five degrees adn ranging as low as 5 degrees above zero; some of the crew were frost-bitten, and the decks, rigging, and wheelhouse covered with ice.

Left Olympia Feb 14th, at 8 A.M., touching at Fort Ludlow for coals; passed Tatoosh light, at 4 A.M., Feb 15th, on the down trip, off Columbia River; saw a steamer's lights, apparently lying to off the bar. Feb 16th, at 10 P.M., was off Umpqua unable to go in on account of southerly winds; same night had heavy S.W. gales, lasting 48 hours, most of which time the ship was hove to. Feb 17th, 3 P.M., met the steamer Santa Cruz bound north; that night the gale set in with increased fury, with violent squalls, and thunder and lightning, lost fore spencer, stove guards and wheel houses. Feb 19, the wind abating, stood in towards land; at 8 P.M., made Trinidad Harbor; took in wood and provisions, and left there Feb 20, at 8 P.M.; at 10 P.M., off Humboldt bar, passed a fore and aft schr name unknown, of about 25 tons, on her beam ends. Feb 21, at 3 P.M., touched at Mendocino City for wood, left at 8 P.M.; arrived off the Heads at 11 A.M., 22d inst. Left at Olympia, Chili ship Matias Cousins, loading lumber, at Mendocino, brig Judson, lying on the beach having driven ashore in the gale of Wednesday night. She is a total wreck, but there were no lives lost.

Olympia, Washington
1879, City of Olympia, Washington

Daily Alta California, April 26, 1858
Vessels on the way from 
Eastern Domestic Ports to San Francisco


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Along the San Francisco Waterfront in the 1800s.
Along the Waterfront, San Francisco, California

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