Irish Political Prisoners

Thanks for the information that the article on the arrival of January 1870 being not in the “Daily Alta California” but from the “New York Herald” and another article was printed in the “Sacramento Daily Union”.

I got microfilm of the “Sacramento Daily Union” Nov. 1869 – March 1870. It was so hard to read. Do you have the dates that the articles were in the “New York Herald” and the “Sacramento Daily Union”. And if you have info on not only the date of the article but also page and column?

I would like to get copies of these stories. I have also requested the “New York Herald” on microfilm.

Thanks for your help,

Marilyn Fullam

Good day. Thank you for visiting the site. The story you refer to is Arrival of Escaped Irish Political Prisoners. The date of the article in the New York Herald was Thursday, January 17, 1870. It was in a section referred to as “Triple Sheet.”

The article in the Sacramento Daily Union was published January 26, 1870. And others were published in the Daily Alta California on March 15, 1871, June 5, 1871, June 16, 1871. These latter were in the general news sections of the paper.

While I always cite newspapers and dates of publication (at the top of each news items), I generally do not cite page numbers . . . I’m not sure why and in the future I could include those. The stories of Irish Political Prisoners were main news, so they are towards the front of the papers; anything to do with shipping and arrivals of ships are generally in the shipping section of various newspapers.

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  1. Padraig Mac Coscair (Cosgrave in English) says:

    Thanks for the article. As a great-grand-nephew of Eugene Geary, one of those who arrived on the Baringer, it has always been of interest to me how he arrived in the USA. Neither he nor his descendants returned to Ireland as best as I can tell. He was involved in the Fenians in Cork when he was 17 years of age. He was convicted of Felonious Treason and was transported to Freemantle in the Hougomont. From what I understand he and his companions aboard the Baringer did not, as the newspaper says, escape from Freemantle; rather they were released.

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