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The ability to speak multiple languages is a gift. Years ago I worked with a woman who spoke fluent Russian, Japanese, English, French, and was learning German because she was about to marry a German industralist. I asked her "what language do you dream in?" Unhesitatingly she responded, "Depends on what country I’m in."

The Pocket Linguist:

A Practical and Highly Effective Guide to Learning any Language

The Pocket Linguist is a book dedicated to the practical aspects of language study. This is not a technical book for linguists; it is a common sense resource for anyone who wants to learn another language. It will show you how to save time and money by choosing the right materials and techniques based on your individual learning needs.

The book includes 50 innovative strategies and insights based on real-world examples and experiences. Some of the topics include: creative immersion, opportunistic learning, time management, the best uses for technology, non-verbal communication, finding free or low-cost learning materials, locating language partners, and the pitfalls of idioms.

Literature Based Instruction with English Language.Learning New Languages (A Selection)

This book takes a literature-based approach to how children learn language and how it is taught in today’s diverse K-12 classrooms. The material is based on the belief that literature offers the most effective instructional approach for English language learners. The book offers meaningful reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities, as well as new understandings about the forms and functions of written language. This is the first book that offers instructors guidance in expanding the range of materials they use for teaching ESL by going beyond the standard texts to include books of all kinds – children’s literature, trade books, magazines, and other media. “Voices from the Classroom: Scenarios from K-12 classrooms with English language learners” are provided throughout the chapters, offering practical stories from teachers’ points of view. K-12 Educators with diverse student populations.

Bonjour les Amis Language Instruction.

Learning New Languages

Bonjour les Amis!

Review from a teacher turned homeschooler: "I use this DVD with my four children that are in preschool – third grade. I think it’s great, but more importantly, my kids love it! Everything is taught by real French speakers, and every phrase is emphasized by both a male and female voice. The lessons are kept to a perfect size, so as to not overwhelm a child with new information. It is organized very well. The characters are fun and interesting, and they did a great job of giving them names that use some of the more difficult sounds in the French language. I have readers and non-readers in my family and the DVD works for both. The non-readers know that when the words are highlighted in yellow, it’s time for them to repeat what was said. I would highly recommend this."

Spanish for Everyone

Spanish for Everyone.

Hola, amigo! Learn to understand and speak Spanish with language expert William C. Henry.

Colorful graphics are integrated with easy-to-understand (and humorous!) vignettes that will have you speaking conversational Spanish in no time!

Includes special segments on greetings, telling time, numbers, food, and more. 50 min. Soundtrack: English and Spanish.

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Read history on your Kindle Fire. Many of the books herein are available free or at low cost for Kindle and they have been republished specifically for mobile devices and are easy to download.

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